Mood Lifting Hand Sanitizer 5 Litres (Liquid)

Mood Lifting Hand Sanitizer 5 Litres (Liquid)

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Nyrrvana's 5 litres liquid based hand sanitizer comes with empty refillable options for you to chose from.

Nyrrvana strongly reccomends re-using old plastic bottles, colin sprays and other cosmetic sprays as hand sanitizer dispenser. If such options aren't available at home, please chose from our refillable options.

We appreciate your concern for the environment and offer a 10% percent discount on your next purchase if you opt to not chose a refillable plastic bottle.

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    • Helps reduce bacteria on the skin
    • Leaves hands feeling soft and smelling great
    • Kills 99.9% disease causing germs

    Nyrrvana's instant hand sanitizer is an antimicrobial liquid that contains 75%  alcohol to eliminate 99.9 percent germs, and lemon oil and lemongrass extract to help keep skin hydrated. Nyrrvana allows you to chose from wide range of fragrances. All the fragrances are therapeutic in nature and are added through infusion of essential oils in the hand sanitizers.

    75% alcohol-based hand sanitizers can quickly reduce the number of germs on hands, but do not eliminate every kind of pathogenic microorganism. The hand sanitizer meets WHO recommended formula and also approved by Ministry of Ayurveda.

    Made in India


    This product category doesn't qualify for refunds and return. However, we take your feedback seriously and request you write to or whatsapp on 9346838001 to express your concerns on shipping and delivery.


    Use hand sanitizer if you can't use soap and water. 

    Liquid hand sanitizer is best used if dispensed out of a spray bottle and can be great to keep in your car or home to disinfect not only your hands, but your phone, keys, steering wheel, and door handles, among other surfaces that may become cross-contaminated through contact. Just spray on your hands and rub thoroughly for 10-15 seconds or spray on a surface and leave it for 5-10 seconds before touching the surface.


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